What does ‘your ratio’ mean? Well, at the top of your Twitter page you’ll see a tally of how many people you’re following and how many people are following you. 

One way that people judge an account as being worth following is by their ratio. If you’re following more people than are following you, it doesn’t look great. If you’re following WAY more people than are following you, it’s a red flag.

Take a look at your ratio - are you balanced? If you don’t feel you are balanced, consider unfollowing a few people; take a look at whose content you’re enjoying and/or engage with, and unfollow those you aren’t. Make sure to keep an eye on this going forwards, perhaps review your ratios every month or so, to ensure that you are only following people who can really help you by posting great content you can retweet, or people who can engage with you.

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