It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll be on the receiving end of a negative tweet. Maybe someone didn’t like your product or had a less than fantastic experience in your shop.

But don’t despair - Twitter is a great place to turn these negative moments into very positive ones. 

If you do happen to come across a more negative tweet, don’t ignore it (unless it’s offensive, then of course report it) and don’t get defensive. Remember, (on some level) the customer is always right. Think about how you could connect directly with this person and make their experience a better one. Be honest, sincere, and direct in your response; you can turn a criticism into a compliment before you know it.

For example, let’s say you’re a cafe that sells smoothies and you see this:

“@CafeSmoothy is so gross - who buys this stuff? I can’t stand bananas and they put it in everything.”

A good reply could be:

“Hey @User123 we want you to love our smoothies, so we’re going to crack this! Everyone’s taste buds are different & we’re determined to find you a flavour combo you’ll love - no banana in sight. What have you tried so far? <<Pushes up sleeves, opens recipe book>>”

Instead of ignoring them, or worse getting defensive, you’ve now opened up a channel to turn this unhappy shopper into someone who engages with you online and may come back for another try. Additionally, you’re creating a conversation online that all of your - and of all their - followers can track and engage with. 

You’re showing how much your customers mean to you and making that one person feel like a rockstar - that’s how you turn a negative into a positive. 

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