Your business’ Twitter bio is one of the first things that people will see when looking up your account on social media. It should a) sum up who you are, b) show why you’re interesting to follow, and c) tell people what you want them to do, all while keeping to your brand’s tone of voice. It’s worth noting that your Twitter bio pulls through to Google when people search for your business, so it is important you nail it.

Here are three examples we love:

Take a look at your own bio, does it meet the three criteria above? Does it tell people who you are, why they should follow you, and what you want them to do? 

If you’re writing or updating your bio for the first time, give yourself a break - this can be tricky. Try a few times to see what fits your business best. Write up a few different bios and sit with them for a day. Do ask people you respect what they think. You can even ask us!

Once you have your preferred option, update your profile with confidence. Now you know that when someone searches for you on Google and your profile comes up, they’ll know who you are, why you’re special, and they’ll click to find out more. 

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