Local marketing can sometimes be forgotten when we have access to any customer in any country on the internet, but it's more important than ever.

Local customers are the most loyal and make up most of your physical footfall, so are well worth nurturing.  Here are some ways that you can tap into your local community using Twitter:

  • Use the search bar to look for local #hashtags.  Most towns will have a simple #townname hashtag.  You can then use these hashtags in your owns posts to join the conversation. You can also look at the stream of content against that hashtag and engage with those people relevant to you and your business.  Just like or retweet and if you want to strike up a conversation - give them a reply.  

  • Build lists of local companies and people that you regularly see on twitter in your area and then you can quickly go to that list for daily engagement activities. 

  • Connect with other local business on Twitter and get involved in discussions - does your town have a local weekly  Twitter ‘hour’ that you can join?

  • Follow local radio shows, thought-leaders and inspiring people in your community, engage positively with their content and get yourself noticed.

Using your new connections, make sure you then keep sharing content you feel will be useful for your lovely locals.

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