Facebook’s algorithm (how they decide what content to show to your followers) favours engaged and active feeds.  This means its all the more important to drive for engagement, look for conversations to join in on and try to keep those conversations going!

Here are five tips on how to make sure your content gets seen: 

Post relevant content:

Customers follow your page for interesting content from your business - educate them on your products, feature how-to posts and offer helpful insider tips around your services and products. 

Ask questions:

Facebook favours posts that have conversation around them. Try asking your customers what they think of your new products or your new window display with an image. The quicker you generate a reaction, the better the organic reach of your post.

Reply to comments:

If someone has taken the time to leave you a comment on a post, make sure you reply just as you would if someone had spoken to you in-store. This creates engagement on your post and shows Facebook that it is relevant to your audience. 

Use photos or videos: 

Another must is including an image or a video, people are much more likely to engage with a visual post.  If you use video remember most people watch with their sound off so add short descriptive copy and calls to action.

Keep your posts bite-sized:

Your customers are busy scrolling through their friends’ posts, so make sure your post is to the point and grabs their attention to make them stop scrolling and read what you have to say.

Maybe* keeps that engagement simple by helping you track the conversations that matter to your business and presenting them all in one place so you can reply, like and share with ease.

Remember to use the Story feature. Although not as popular as with Instagram, because it's relatively new, Facebook will favour those that post stories regularly and provide greater organic reach. Have some fun with it!

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