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What can you learn from your place ranking?
What can you learn from your place ranking?

Benchmark and compare the digital activity of your place to others across the UK

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

Place ranking will show you how a place is measuring up for digital activity and social media engagement against any other town or city in the UK. It provides at-a-glance data on how digitally active every place is, and every business in that place, across the UK.

Using this insight on a regular basis will help you discover the percentage of businesses active on social media and the collective social media audience of those businesses across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll be able to benchmark your place performance against neighbouring places or other destinations of a similar size or nature to yours across the UK. The UK average is only 28%, is your place above or below average?

To get started

  • Head over to Maybe* on a desktop

  • Select ‘Listening’ and choose ‘Place ranking’

  • The default view will be the current national ranking for the last week

  • You can change the date range on the right of the screen

  • Or search for any UK place, city, or Local Authority

Pro tip: After using Place ranking and getting a snapshot of the data, use Place insights to really understand what is driving the numbers and the conversation about your place and others.

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