You can add as many conversations as you like to Maybe*. But to save yourself time, you will want to prioritise building relationships and engaging in the conversations that matter most to you or your business, first.

Grouping conversations allows you to create pots of social media conversations by theme. For example, you might want to call your groups ‘competitors’, ‘hashtags’, or ‘other shoe retailers’. Think of it like creating a label to organise all the conversations that are the most important to you and your business.

You can create your own groups whenever you add a new conversation to Maybe*. Or to help you get started, we’ve created some group names you can use.

Is your Maybe* account sponsored by your local BID or local authority?

If the answer is yes, lucky you! Your Maybe* account has been created with a ‘sponsored group’ containing all the social media conversations created by all the businesses in your place. This is a great group to start engaging with.

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