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Reach the right people with your organic content
Reach the right people with your organic content

How to refine and target organic posts

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Organic content is the social media posts that you have not boosted with paid advertising. To ensure the right people are seeing your organic content it’s important to know your audience and what will be relevant to them, so you can create content they will want to engage with. The more people who engage, the more your reach will increase, ensuring more eyes on your content.

Follow these tips to increase the relevance of your content:

  • Use relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. People search for words and terms that matter to them, so they are more likely to see your posts if you’ve tagged up your content.

  • Make your posts engaging: ask questions, use great images and videos.

  • Schedule evergreen content: that is, content that is timeless and you can repeat regularly.

  • Post consistently and at the right times of day. People are more likely active on social media during lunch, and then usage increases throughout the day peaking between 7 and 9pm. Schedule your most important messages when your audience is the likeliest to see it.

  • Engage with and respond to people that comment or share your content.

  • Monitor the performance using the Maybe* Your report feature so you can learn what works best and do more of it.

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Pro tip Facebook enables you to add age or location-based targeting to your organic posts. This feature is extremely useful if you have multiple locations, and just want to communicate to people near or around a certain store. Simply click the grey box in the top left and change it to restricted audience and you can define age and locations.

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