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Running a competition via social media
Running a competition via social media

Easily grow followers and increase engagement by running a competition

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Running a competition on social media is a great way to grow your audience and to increase engagement. If you're wondering how to go about it, here's some useful tips.

Know what you are trying to achieve. The type of competition or prize draw you run will depend on whether you want to grow your followers or your engagement. For example, is it a 'follow the page, comment and share with your friends' type competition to increase followers and engagement? Or are you asking entrants to take a photo, or share a video to incentivise mentions of you and customer testimonials?

Plan the details. Consider all elements, including the prize, what your entry criteria are, opening and closing dates and times, and be crystal clear on these things in the terms and conditions. Avocado Social have produced a handy T&Cs template which you can use. Be sure to check the latest rules on running a competition on social media, as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have criteria about what you can and can’t incentivise.

Launch your competition. Remember to promote your competition across social media with clear instructions about how to enter, the prize, and closing date. It’s always a good idea to update your post when the competition ends to let people know the competition is now closed. Promptly pick a winner. Notify the winner and announce them across social media. Make sure the prize is delivered quickly to avoid any grumbles or disappointment and ask your winner to share a picture with their prize on social media once they’ve received it.

Pro tip You can create easy prize draws using the Loyalty feature of Maybe*. You’ll be able to download images to promote your incentive and easily pick a winner at random. The incentive will also have pride of place in your Local High Street Guide.

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