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Connect your Facebook Ads Manager to Maybe*
Connect your Facebook Ads Manager to Maybe*

Manage and monitor your Facebook Ads all in one place

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By connecting your Facebook ads manager to Maybe* you get

  1. Instant and easy reporting of all your ads in a clear and easy to understand report.

  2. See ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for every campaign objective, turn ads off that are not working.

  3. Never miss a customers comment on your ads ever again

  4. Maybe* automatically builds and maintains key custom audiences within your ads manager that are proven to drive high ROI

  5. Use your custom audiences to boost your organic Facebook and Instagram posts from Maybe*.

Ready to get going?

  • Head over to Maybe* and remember its best to use Maybe* on a desktop

  • Select ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Social Media Accounts

  • Click ‘Connect’ Facebook will open and prompt you to log in to connect your account. You will need Admin level access to your Facebook/Instagram pages, Business Manager and Ads Manager to complete the process.

Still need help?

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