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How to add conversations to Maybe*
How to add conversations to Maybe*

Monitor and interact with the social media conversations most relevant to you to build your reach, engagement and following.

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

Engaging in conversations, rather than creating your own, is your ticket to increase visibility and relevance to customers by talking with them, rather than at them. Keeping an eye on what businesses like yours are saying will also help you learn what works best so you can keep improving.

Adding conversations to Maybe* means you can monitor and engage with what’s being said by or about another business or individual, or about a hashtag.

You can add three types of social media conversation:

  • All the posts created by a business or individual across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • All the posts created about, tagging or mentioning any business or individual

  • A hashtag. For example #shoplocal

You can also get involved with these conversations by interacting and engaging; liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting or replying, all from one place in Maybe* to increase your visibility, engagement and build relationships across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Ready to give it a go?

  • Head over to Maybe* to get started

  • Remember Maybe* is always best used on a desktop

If you know the business you want to engage with

  • Use the 'add a business or hashtag' box at the top of your 'Groups' tab within Maybe* Engage. These could be existing clients, prospects or influencers.

  • Choose the social media conversations you want to add using the ‘double arrow’ button and choose which ‘group’ you want to assign them to or create a new group. Groups allow you to organise and label the conversations by theme. Eg. Competitors

If you don’t know the businesses you want to engage with

  • Go to your Maybe* Engage page. Choose the location tab, filter by location, indie or national businesses, or by sector.

  • The content posted by all these businesses over the last week ordered by the amount of engagement will appear. Select to add any of them using the ‘double arrow’ button.

Need a little bit more before you get going?

Adding conversations gives you the opportunity to get involved in the online conversations that are relevant to your business, and that your customers care about. Engaging by liking, commenting and sharing etc in existing conversations rather than just creating your own, is important to help you grow your own audience, reach, and engagement. Keeping an eye on what businesses like yours will also help you learn what works best so you can continually improve.

Using hashtag conversations gives you the opportunity to participate in topical conversations relevant to your business. For example, if you are an indie business, you might want to start by using the #shoplocal conversation to engage within Maybe*

Grouping conversations allows you to create pots of social media conversations that are important to you. For example, you might want to call your groups ‘competitors’ or ‘hashtags’ or ‘other shoe retailers’. Think of it like creating a label to organise all the conversations that are the most important to you and your business.

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