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Using listening to inform your business and social media priorities
Using listening to inform your business and social media priorities

Find out more about social listening and how you can do it via the Maybe* platform

Written by Danni Harris
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What is Maybe* listening?

Listening to conversations about other businesses, your place or relevant topics enables you to learn what makes customers tick. Maybe* listening comprises a number of visualised report formats delivering social media performance data and customer insights that help you discover how your business is performing on social media against other businesses in your industry or in your place, and what’s being said about your business or place. They also provide data on how digitally active every town across the UK is, and what topics and interests are driving consumer behaviour so that you can prioritise your efforts and lead with activity that will get results.

Maybe* listening at a glance

Maybe* insights gives you the tactics you might want to copy, customer insight to inform your advertising strategy and even passion or pain points to tailor your products and services around at a business or place level.

  • Use the Insight summary to understand how you stack up on social media against your competitors or other businesses in your place.

  • The Maybe* Insight builder helps you to discover how people feel about other businesses, a conversation topic, or your place; what they are saying about those things; what’s engaging people the most; and who’s influencing the conversation.

  • Use Group insights to measure how digitally active any businesses are in the groups you have created on Maybe* and what’s driving the collective conversations of your groups.

  • Place insights is your go-to feature to understand how digitally active your place is. See what customers want from your place, what products and services they want, and what will drive visits.

  • Place ranking will show you how a place is measuring up for digital activity and social media engagement against any other town or city in the UK.

Ready to explore Listening?

  • Log in to Maybe* on a desktop

  • Select ‘Listening’ and choose any of the options from the dropdown menu

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