Facebook is a brilliant tool for your business, but do you know how to make use of all of its features?

Sharing posts is a great way of bringing a wider range of content to your followers, as well as helping to amplify other voices as part of your wider community.

To share a post on Facebook, simply find the post that you want to share in your feed, and ensure that you are using your business page for sharing and commenting (use the little dropdown arrow towards the bottom right of this image to easily swap between personal and business pages), then click on the ‘share’ arrow on the right.

This will open a small menu:

Select the ‘Share’ option you require (e.g. ‘Share to a Page’ will post the shared item directly to your business page), and the following window will open:

Add in a comment in the ‘Say something about this’ section if you would like, tick the box to include the caption from the original post; alternatively leave it unticked if you prefer, then click on the blue ‘Post’ button, and that’s it!

Alternatively, if you are a member of Maybe*, simply sign into your account to access your feeds via the Maybe* platform and share posts quickly and easily from there.

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