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How to use Insight builder
How to use Insight builder

Track the social media performance of other businesses over time to understand what’s working for them

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

Insight builder shows you the social media performance of any business you have chosen to add to Maybe*, over any given period of time, visually represented in graphs and charts. It includes growth of their following, if their content is reaching people, and if it’s working to drive engagement.

Use the elements of Insight builder to keep track of what is and isn't working and understand the impact their activity is having, so you know where you can mimic tactics to improve your own activity/plans or gain an advantage over your competition.

What is the Insight builder showing me and how do I use this information?

Growth history shows you the number of followers another business has across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over time. Use this to track where their social media audience is growing fastest so you know where to put your efforts.

The Best post shows you the social media post that’s had the most engagement for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use this to understand what content works best for other businesses, and which social media platform works best for them. You will also see the best posts created about them.

See what works measures engagement volumes so you can learn what posts are driving engagement for other businesses. Ask yourself what they are doing that works well. Are there other content types you need to consider in your own social media approach?

The first graph shows you the amount of posts they’ve made across social media, and the amount of likes, comments, shares, retweets or replies they have had. The second graph shows you the amount of conversations about them on social media and the respective engagement.

The dark purple shows you posts, the lighter purple shows you engagements. The total number of posts and engagements appears at the top of the graph, and the percentage increase or decrease in the top right of the graph shows the change over the previous period. Click anywhere on the graph to see the posts that have driven the engagement.

How they feel graph measures sentiment – how positive (green), negative (red) or neutral (grey) the tone of a conversation is about other businesses. Click anywhere on the graph to see the posts that have driven the positive, negative or neutral sentiment. Ask yourself if there’s something other businesses are doing really well that you need to copy, or do they have negative feedback which you can learn from to avoid making the same mistakes.

The Influencer report shows you who is mentioning businesses most often in their social media content. The larger the bubble, the bigger the influence. Use this to understand who is creating conversations about other businesses. The What’s being said report shows you the words and topics other businesses use most often. The second report shows you the words and topics used in the conversation about other businesses on social media. The bigger the word the more frequently it is being used. Use this to understand what is being said about them so you understand where the opportunities are for you, and what strengths other businesses have over yours.

Ready to get going?

  • Head over to Maybe* on a desktop

  • Select ‘Listening’ and choose ‘Insight builder’

  • Choose your date range and the graphs and metrics you want to include

Pro tip: Add notes to the Insight builder and save your report so you can keep track of what’s working for others and the tactics you might want to copy. The notes feature will also save you producing PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets as you can email the report to yourself or a stakeholder on a regular basis.

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