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How to use the Insight summary
How to use the Insight summary

Save yourself precious time and do more of what’s working and less of what’s not

Written by Danni Harris
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What is the Insight summary?
The Insight summary enables you to benchmark your social media performance against other businesses. At a glance you can see;

  • who has the biggest audience

  • who’s posting the most

  • who’s earning the most engagements per post and per day

  • their best posts

  • who’s running ads

How to use the Insight summary
Create an Insight summary from any business’ social media data that you have added to your Maybe* groups, for any date range. You can also add new businesses here using the 'add business or hashtag' box on the top left. Use the Insight summary to understand what you need to prioritise to gain an edge over your competitors. Ask yourself:

  • Do you need to grow your audience?

  • What tactics are your competitors using to drive engagement and can you copy them?

  • Do you need to run ads to target your competitors’ audiences?

See the Insight summary in action.

Ready to get going?

  • Log in to Maybe* on a desktop

  • Select ‘Listening’ and choose ‘Insight summary’

  • Choose your date range and select the groups and conversations you want to include from the filters on the left of your screen

Pro tip: Add notes to the Insight summary and save your report so you can keep track of what’s working for others and the tactics you might want to copy. The notes feature at the bottom of the page will also save you producing PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets as you can email the report to yourself or a stakeholder on a regular basis.

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