Maybe* is a powerful, yet easy to use, social media management tool. There’s a lot you can do with Maybe* but to help you get started there are four things we believe will have an impact on visibility, traffic, footfall and sales fast. (Remember, to get the best from Maybe* it’s best used on a desktop.)

1) Use Maybe* to be part of conversations with your customers and in the topics which matter most.

When you engage in more conversations online with customers and other businesses, you are building your reach and visibility, and deepening relationships with customers. Watch the video to see how you can:

  • respond to all the social media comments and mentions you have received

  • engage in all the conversations created on social media by other businesses in your place or industry at a national or independent level

2) Drive offline awareness and sales through online activity with Maybe* Loyalty

Maybe* Loyalty is a simple way for you/businesses to connect with shoppers on the high street through your local High Street Guide. We’ll show you how to feature in your local High Street Guide, and reward customers for their spending. Find out more

3) Better understand what activities work for you so you can spend more time doing what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Maybe* shows you the social media content that works best to engage customers both locally and nationally from businesses across the UK. Learn what works for others as well as yourself, and replicate the tactics to improve the performance of your own social media content. Watch the video to understand where to find:

  • what works best to engage your customers

  • what customers are saying about you on social media

  • how customers feel about you

4) Get started with Ads

Maybe* makes it easy to sort and manage your Facebook Ads from yourAds page. Follow this step-by-step guide to connecting your Facebook Ads Manager and see how you can:

  • easily see the latest stats from all of your Ads in one place

  • filter and sort your Ads to identify the best and worst performing

  • view the engagement on your Ads and access the comments

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