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Create and schedule your social media posts
Create and schedule your social media posts

Save time by planning ahead. Schedule, post and view all your content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Written by Danni Harris
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What can I do on the Maybe* Content calendar?

Our Content calendar is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn business profiles. You can create new posts and schedule them across each of the platforms, and also view any content that has been posted natively.

Our Calendar is integrated with AI, helping you word your post better, add hashtags / emojis and even translate to another language.

We also can show you what your competitors have been posting to Facebook & Instagram, giving you inspiration for future content.

See the Maybe* Content calendar in action

What do I need to do to view my posts?

To see your posts on the calendar, you need to connect your social media accounts to Maybe*.

How do I add my posts that I posted natively on Facebook?

Once you have connected your accounts, any posts you create on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn will appear on your Content calendar. You don't need to have created them on Maybe*.

How do I create a post?

On your Content calendar, select the 'New post' button which is at the top of the page & under any of the days. This will take you to the Create content page.

From here you need to select the channel you want to post to, using the dropdown at the top of the page. Add your copy, select any emojis by clicking on the smiley face and upload an image or video. On the right hand side, you will see a preview of what your post will look like. Once happy with it, you can post directly to the channel of your choice.

How do I use the AI button?

Once you have written your post copy, click on the AI button and you will see a list of options. You can add hashtags to the end of your post to increase reach and add emojis to make it feel more current. To improve the copy you have written, you can condense the length of your post, or change the tone to make it funnier or more friendly, for example. Finally, you can translate your post into another language, with all the most popular in the dropdown. If you need us to add another language, you can request it by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of the page and sending the team a message!

How do I crop my image?

Once you choose the image from your files, you can select the optimal ratio for each social platform. For example, if you are posting to Facebook you can choose which ratio looks best for your post.

Can I schedule a post to be published in the future?

When creating your post, choose to post now or select a date and time in the future. For posts that are not time sensitive (or evergreen as they are commonly called) you can queue content to fill empty slots in your calendar.

See how to create a queue of content

I want to post a GIF. Is this possible?

You can upload a GIF to Facebook and Twitter by uploading it from your files. Instagram has some restrictions, so you must convert your GIF into an MP4 and upload it as a video.

I've created a post for one social platform. Can I copy it to another one?

Of course! Click on the post you want to copy, to view a full sized view of the post. Click on the copy icon, which takes you to the Create content page. Please note, as different social platforms recommend different image sizes, you might want to re-upload any images.

I don't know what posts to create. How can Maybe* help?

Firstly, you can view what your biggest competitor's have been posting. Search for the company name in the search bar at the top of the page and select from the dropdown. The page will scroll down and you can view what has been posted, how often your competitors are posting and to what channel. You can even duplicate a post from a competitor directly, if you want to post using the image or with similar copy.

Can I view post stats on the Calendar?

You can view the stats of a published post by hovering your mouse over it and clicking 'View stats'.

How can I find what is performing best?

Open up your filters and select the 'Best post per day'. This works for both your posts, and those of any competitor.

What else can I do from the Content calendar?

If looking at a Facebook or Instagram post which has already been published, you can boost it from the Calendar. Hover your mouse over the post you want to boost, and select the 'Boost' button. Please note, you need to have connected your Business manager to do this.

If you are looking at today's date, you can see the number of ads you have live today above all your scheduled and published posts. Click on this to view everything that is running. For your competitor calendar, you can click on the 'See their ads' button to view what they are running across Facebook & Instagram.

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