Group insights provide data on how digitally active every business you have added to your Maybe* groups (link to creating a group) are. It’s particularly useful for placemakers or shopping centres to understand the collective conversation of a group of retailers or tenants.

You’ll discover the percentage of businesses active on social media, how much they post, and how much social media engagement they earn. Find out the topics and interests that are driving consumer behaviour and online conversation across an entire group so you can spot the trends.

What is the data showing me?

% organisations active on social media shows you how many businesses in your group are active on at least one social media account from across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram EVERY DAY.

Post volumes shows you how much social media content the businesses in your group collectively post per day.

Post engagement shows you how much social media engagement the businesses in your group collectively achieve on their social media posts per day.

Sentiment score shows you have positive, negative or neutral in tone the conversations created by the businesses or organisations in your group are.

What’s being said shows you the conversation topics created by the businesses in your place. The bigger the word in the graph, the bigger the topic of conversation.

Using this insight will help shopping centres and placemakers understand how a group of businesses are staying connected to customers, and what is engaging customers and shoppers the most.

To get started

  • Head over to Maybe* on a desktop

  • Select ‘Listening’ and choose ‘Group insights’

  • Choose the group you wish to monitor

  • You can add up to three groups at a time

Use the filters on the left of the Maybe* Group insights page to select your date range and groups.


Use the star icon on the filters to discover the social media posts earning the most engagement in each of your groups.

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