Posting schedule

Create a queue for your social media content.

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

We’re so pleased to announce our new Content calendar feature, Posting schedule.

From this page, you can create a queue of specific days and times that you want to post social media content. Creating a posting schedule allows you to plan your content in advance and keep to a regular schedule which builds a consistent experience for your audience. Posting consistently helps with your engagement too!

To get started with creating your posting schedule, take a look at yours and your comparison’s calendars and take note of what days and times your best posts were on and which platforms (the best posts for each day will have the star icon):

Use this information to organise and plan your posts in a way that gets the most visibility.

Do you want to see more updates to this feature? Check out our Roadmap to see if it’s already in the works and pop us a message using the blue chat icon.

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