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How to boost a post on Maybe*
How to boost a post on Maybe*
Boost a Facebook or Instagram post to reach a larger audience.
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Boosting a post with ad spend is a great way for your content to reach more people on Facebook and Instagram. You can do this directly from Maybe*.

First of all you will need to ensure your Ads Manager is connected to Maybe*. Read our guide on how to do this here.

Next head over to your Content calendar and hover your mouse on the Facebook or Instagram post you want to boost. The post you pick needs to have already been published.

Click the 'Boost' button and enter the following information:

  1. Add a campaign name, using an easy to understand title that you will recognise when looking at your Ads Manager

  2. Select which audience you want to target from the dropdown (you can pick multiples of these)

  3. Add a location for where you want your audience to be based, e.g. your local town

  4. Next, select your Pixel from the dropdown. If you don't have a Pixel yet, have a read through our handy guide

  5. If you want your boosted post to appear on a specific placement, e.g. Facebook only, you can customise this here. Otherwise, it's automatically set to all placements.

  6. Finally set a daily or lifetime budget. If you set a lifetime budget, you will need to select start and end dates

Top tip:

Not sure which post to boost? We recommend you start with your best posts. We put a star icon on the the post with the most engagement of the day.

You can also change the view of your calendar to only see best posts. Do this by clicking the Filter in the top left of the page, and select 'Best post per day'.

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