It's tempting to post multiple times per day on Instagram, in order to build up a good body of content on your grid, however the most important approach to your Instagram feed is consistency, rather than quantity.

Plan out a structure that suits you best - whether that is 1-3 posts per week and several Stories each day, or a daily post or two and as many Stories as you can manage. It's really up to you, as long as you can keep it up. The important thing is to keep your Instagram feed manageable, alongside your other social commitments - you don't want to hit the ground running with 3 posts per day and multiple Stories, then run out of steam after a few weeks and only post sporadically from then onwards.

Stick to a regular posting schedule, but as a general rule, aim for a maximum of 2-3 posts per day - and one post per day is perfectly fine. Consistency and quality is much more important than churning out posts that may annoy your followers and in turn, cause them to unfollow you. Bear in mind that one or two great posts a week is better than 10 mediocre posts.

Here are some ideas of what you can post:

  • New products, services, events, or offerings

  • Useful tips or advice

  • Photos from a recent event

  • National/International days or holidays (i.e. Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc)

  • Customer reviews and experiences

  • Other peoples' posts or feeds that inspire you

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