While Instagram used to display posts chronologically, they now share content based on the following rules:

  1. Your relationship with the follower - if they have interacted a lot with your past content, they will be more likely to see your future content. 

  2. Interest from the follower - does the follower interact with similar posts and accounts?

  3. Timing of post - how long ago you posted vs the time the follower is scrolling through their feed. 

Here's how to ensure your posts are seen on Instagram: 

  1. Engage with your followers - to get your posts seen by more people by engaging with your followers. Ask them a question like ‘What do you think?’ and reply to their comments.

  2. Post consistently - this doesn’t mean you have to post every day, just make sure that it is consistent. So choose a time and day and aim to post your content around that time. Set a reminder on your phone to give you a nudge.

  3. Create purposeful content -  be either beautiful, or useful (or both!). Try to ensure your posts add value to your followers' feeds; through tips, advice or problem-solving rather than trying to constantly sell or promote.

See how Papersmiths are engaging their followers below:

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