If your post evokes a strong emotion such as awe, amusement or laughter, people are more likely to share it. 

Here are three types of relatable content from some of our favourite brands:


Inspirational posts that align with your brand values will resonate with your followers, whilst building your brand recognition. This post from ASOS empowers their followers, whilst still showcasing their product.


Over the past few years, 'the struggle is real' posts have become increasingly popular because people can identify with the specific feelings these types of posts portray. Take this Chipotle post as an example - people who love chips will relate to this and feel compelled to share it with their friends to validate their feelings.

Quote covers 

Quote covers have been around since the dawn of social media. Just like when we quote books, films and famous philosophers in real-life, we do so on our social channels too. Businesses can take this one step further and create their own quotes for their followers to share on their timeline. We love this example from Innocent who are known for their humorous and often sarcastic content on social media.

Think about what problems your business solves for your customers and create a funny and relatable piece of content for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

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