Once you have created a Buffer account, you need to start creating a Buffer queue. 

A Buffer queue allows you to schedule posts to go out on your feed at a future point in time. You can set the number of posts per day and times they will be posted from your Buffer account.

It’s important that messages go out in a timely fashion, when they are most relevant - especially if a message relates to a time of the day or week; for example, #mondaymotivation or #tbt (Throwback Thursday).

Once you have found a post you would like to schedule for later, press the schedule button. 

You will be prompted to log into (or sign up for) your Buffer account. 

If you are already logged in your will see the below. 

Click on the arrow next to "Add To Queue"  to select when to share the post. You can put it at the front of the queue to go next, or pick a different time and date. 

You can also log into Buffer if you want to change the scheduled time for a post - hover over the post and you’ll see "Move To Top" or "Send Now" options, or click and drag the post to move it up or down the queue.

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