Your dashboard shares top level information across all of the social media stats that are important to your organisation. This is broken down into; Engagement, Ads, Comments and Mentions.

Engagement: This is the number of likes, comments and shares your organisation has completed through the Maybe* platform in the last seven days. This gives you a great idea of how active you and the rest of your team are being in the Maybe* platform. Click through to start engaging more.

Ads: This number shows the total number of live ads you are currently running through social media. Click through to see those ads in more detail.

Comments: This is the total number of comments on your posts in the last 7 days. Comments are a direct reaction to your social media content and can tell you a lot about how well it's working. Click through to be taken to those comments so you can respond straight away.

Mentions: This is the total number of posts where you have been @ mentioned in the last 7 days. Mentions are a measure of the public perception of your organisation as a whole. Again, click through to be taken to those posts so you can respond.

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