Your Dashboard shares top level information across all of the conversations that are important to your organisation. This is broken down into: Engagement, Insights, Results and Benchmark.

Engagement: Using AI (artificial intelligence) the Maybe* platform recommends engagement activities for you every day. These are designed to increase both your audience size and your engagement, which will help you improve your results. The first place you should visit every day is your activities and work your way through them. The number bottom right show the percentage of activities completed yesterday.

This number shows the number of engagements with your content in the past 24 hours. Spot if your content is creating mostly positive or negative feedback with the coloured dot. Green is good, red is bad. The bottom right figure shows the change in the number of engagements since yesterday. 

Results: The size of your audience is updated every 24 hours and takes into account all your social media followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and email addresses collected. The number at the bottom right shows the change since yesterday. 

Benchmark: Your position is assigned based on your audience size and your frequency of posting compared against other organisations in your relevant index or indices. This enables you to benchmark your performance against other organisations.

Adding conversations: To add a conversation to your account, use the search bar at the top of the page to either add or request a new conversation be added. We recommend you listen to at least three - five conversations that are relevant to your organisation.

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