Your Dashboard shares top level information across all of the conversations that are important to your organisation. This is broken down into: Engagement, Insights, Reports and Settings.

Engagement: This is the number of mentions and comments you have received in the last 24 hours. This is the first place you should visit every day to work your way through and ensure you are responding to everyone who is talking to you.

Insights: This number shows the total activity in the last 24 hours across your posts, what people are saying about you, and the other conversations you're listening to. This gives you an idea of how much data there is for you to look at each day.

Reports: This is the total number of reports you have built in the platform. Click through to be taken to the Report builder where you can view them and create more.

Settings: From here you can control all aspects of your Maybe* account; from adding team members to connecting social accounts and updating billing information.

See a tour of your Dashboard here.

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