There are many reasons why a shopper would follow a retailer on social media, including keeping up-to-date with new products and because they like the style and ethos of the brand.  However, what’s critical to remember is that in addition to following retailers, these shoppers are also following friends, family, colleagues, and people they admire.
This is why it’s important to think of your posts in context on your customers' feed. Your posts will be sandwiched in between a funny quote a friend has shared, a picture announcing a colleague’s new baby, a link to a video, or a comment on a news article. 

When creating a post about a product you’re really passionate about, think about why your customers will love it. Remember, people sell to people. 

With this in mind, how do your posts fit in? Are they too sales-y? Or do they feel like you’re sharing a lovely experience - an extension of walking into your store? 

We love this post from Papersmiths:

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