Social media influencers can play a big part in helping you reach your target audience - relevant influencers have a keen interest in your sector and are likely to have a strong voice in the online conversations that are relevant to you, plus they will have a significant following that is not just engaged but also potentially interested in what you offer. 

So building successful relationships with influencers should be a key part of your social media strategy - if they share your content, this is likely to motivate their followers to also engage with you.

But how do you find them in the first place? And once you have, how do you go about building a relationship?

Searching for keywords, groups and bloggers relevant to you on social are a great way to start - so if you are a children’s clothing store, you may search for local parenting groups, bloggers and #kidsclothes

A few key things to do are:

  • Follow the accounts on the influencers you find;

  • Engage with their content, liking, commenting and sharing this - they may well follow you back if they see your content is also relevant to them;

  • As you build a relationship with them, tag them into relevant posts - if they engage with this or ideally share this, your content will be seen by their followers too.

Set yourself a realistic target, as much engagement as your time allows - an example may be to engage with two new influencers every day.

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