Now, we know that you’re a dab hand at posting on social media, however have you considered exactly when you send your messages? Timing plays a big factor as it can help determine how many people see your post and how many people click on it (aka engaging with your content). 

Here’s a chart from Buffer showing when most Tweets in Europe are posted:

What researchers found is that diversity is best. Yes, posting during heavy traffic times will get you seen, but you’ll actually see more clicks when there is less traffic. It feels counterintuitive, but the research shows that in Europe 2am - 3am is the best time to post for the most clicks. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you only post in the wee hours. The takeaway is that you should spread your efforts out for the maximum benefit, posting in both busy and quiet times. 

Time to test the theory: plan out a day’s worth of tweets - start with five to begin with. Schedule your tweets for different times of the day, spreading them out with some to go out early morning, some midday, and some at night. Think of the times when you, as a shopper, check Twitter and go from there. Keep track of the timings that work for you, and replicate it.

Enjoy finding out more about your customers and use that to your advantage.

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