Social media is a great way to bring your customers closer to all parts of your business. The more connected a shopper feels to a store or brand, the more likely they are to keep coming back and to refer you on. Let your customers share your successes with you.

Try sharing a recent success over Twitter. Here are a few examples:

  1. We’ve just hit 1,500 Twitter followers. Thank you to everyone for joining us on this journey and for @ShopperAccount for being our 1,500th follower!

  2. Today was a record day for us. We had over 1,000 shoppers visit us and we’re thrilled! Thanks to everyone that came to see us today especially @Shopper Account and @ShopperAccount. 

  3. We’ve just been selected to showcase a new brand and we’re thrilled. From March we will be the only retailer in @Location featuring @BrandName. Come in and see!

When posting, make sure to tag in the shoppers, brands, or partners that helped you achieve that goal, and when people celebrate you by liking or retweeting, make sure to reach out and thank them. 

Sharing your success makes your business feel “real”. Let your shoppers connect to the people behind the brand and you should see fantastic results, both in-store and on your social media channels. 

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