By posting about trending subjects your posts will be seen by a much wider audience than just by your own followers, so this is an important tool to use as a business. 

The key is to join trending subjects that are relevant to you and your audience in real-time.

There are a number of ways to find trending topics online:

  • Simply search for key words relevant to your business across the social platforms;
  • Include relevant hashtags in your posts, to make them easy to find when a person is searching for that topic online;
  • See the top trending topics on Twitter in the search function - trending topics change fast on here, so keep checking into the platform as often as possible. Twitter moments also show you the top subjects and tweets that form part of each;
  • Follow relevant trending topics on Instagram and make sure you are following the right people too, so you’ll see relevant content on your feed;
  • Look at the trending section on Facebook - the content that shows here depends on your Facebook activity: posts you have liked, who you follow etc, so it’s important to be active on the platform and follow/engage with the right people;
  • Setting up Google alerts for relevant keywords will help you see content posted online about these topics, and you can set the frequency that Google email you with these - for example, if you were a clothing store in Cheltenham you may choose to set up 'Cheltenham', 'fashion', and any brands that you stock in store.

For more great tips, see What is a Hashtag and Why Is It Important.

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