Did you know that Facebook posts that use emojis receive 57% more likes and 33% more comments and shares than those without them, and tweets with emojis have a 25% higher engagement rate?

Sometimes businesses can miss the mark when using emojis, especially if you’re offering a more serious service. But if you work in fashion, sports or entertainment, emojis could increase engagement on your posts. 

Here are some quick tips on how to use emojis:

  1. Don’t go overboard - use one or two in your message.

  2. Make sure you know what they mean - use emojipedia to double check your emoji doesn’t have a double meaning.

  3. Identify key emojis for your brand and tone of voice - customers will start to associate your business with the emojis when they see them.

  4. Be more wary of using emojis in serious posts or those giving advice.

  5. If you are struggling to find an emoji to suit a post, then perhaps you don’t need to use one.

Using emojis where appropriate can help to increase your engagement levels on social, they are a fun addition to posts, and a great way to convey an emotion or give a little visual context.

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