Asking your audience what they think is a great thing to incorporate into your social activity, encouraging engagement and helping even more people to see your content, as the followers of those who reply will see your post.

Here are a few ways you can follow to ask people what they think:

  1. Simply post a great item you offer and ask for feedback - eg“Wow, we're in love with these new boots we've just got in. What do you think? (link) (image)”
  2. Ask your customers what they think in comments. It’s that easy. A simple ‘Have you tried this?’ or ‘What do you think of this <product>?’ can help you gather testimonials that you can then re-share on your social channels to influence others. 
  3. Post a picture of your favourite item from your store and ask your customers a question about the item such as ‘What do you think of the colour?’ or ‘Where would you put this in your home?’.
  4. You are an expert in your field and sharing your knowledge is a great idea for social posts. If you’re not sure what your customers may want to know, ask them! Social media is all about creating a conversation around your business, so when in doubt ask ‘What do you think?’.  

Don't forget that it’s really important to reply to each comment that you get and try to keep the conversation going!

For more great tips see Who are your customers

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