If business success is measured by sales, what are you doing to inspire your customers to buy?

Most businesses have invested in some form of print campaign, digital ads, sales promotions, celebrity endorsements, videos, blogs, etc etc, etc…

What all of these have in common is that they really are just more of the same. More noise. More shouting at customers, trying to get attention in a crowded marketplace. Instead of shouting at customers, it’s time to talk to them.

People buy from other people; in fact, 78% of shoppers are influenced by social media when deciding what to buy.

“Every day thousands of conversations about products and services are taking place. They happen in person between friends, over SMS, in Facebook groups. Anywhere people can connect, they talk about what they’re considering buying. Yet so few businesses are a part of these pre-purchase conversations.”

Polly Barnfield, CEO of Maybe*

The Maybe* platform not only creates the space for these conversations to happen, they invite hundreds of people to join in. The result is thousands of opinions shared in conversations that both customers and businesses can be a part of. And because everyone can join in and see what’s going on, every customer benefits.

Imagine launching a new pair of leggings. Not only could you ask your customers which colours they prefer before going into production (hello, sustainable business) but you can also launch your product with statements like “100% of fitness enthusiasts confirm that they love our leggings” and have this supported with quotes from real customers

Investing in your pre-purchase journey can help with so many elements of your purchase journey from product design and launch, to PR, creating authentic social media content, understanding who your customers are, developing long-term relationships with your customers, connecting your customers, and letting them benefit from each other’s experiences.

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