Did you know that on Twitter there are scheduled chats for just about every topic? Twitter chats are one of the best ways to grow your following and all you need to do is participate. 

Twitter chats are often around a niche subject with other like-minded individuals and use a specific hashtag. Participants can become extremely valuable followers who will help amplify your message.

How to get involved in Twitter chats:

  • Use the designated hashtag
  • Be an active participant by replying to questions
  • Follow other participants
  • Follow up with participants after the chat 

You can find an extensive list of Twitter chats here, or if you can’t find a chat that makes sense for your business, consider starting your own with your followers. 

We recommend getting involved in #IndieHour on Tuesday nights at 8pm - a community that discusses independent retail. Give @retailermentoring a follow for more details. 

For more Twitter tips, take a look at Use obvious hashtags on Twitter, and How to build relationships on Twitter.

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