You may remember that a while back Instagram changed the way it displayed posts (this is referred to as an algorithm) and that they were no longer displayed in a chronological order which made it harder to get your posts seen by your audience.

A new update from Instagram means they will now display posts in a more chronological order and give preference to posts based on the following:

  • Interest

  • Timeliness

  • Relationship

Here's how to get your posts seen on Instagram: 

Post consistently - this doesn’t mean you have to post every day, as quality is important on Instagram, just make sure that it is consistent. So choose a time and day and stick to posting your content at that specific time. Set a reminder on your phone to give you a nudge. 

Engage with your followers - to get your posts seen by more people by engaging with your followers. Ask them a question like ‘What do you think?’ and reply to their comments. Tag relevant followers into posts that you think may be of interest to them.

Create purposeful content - quit trying to sell on Instagram and make your posts more about lifestyle and your brand values that relate back to your products.

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