In 2018 Instagram launched IGTV, Instagram's own video content hub which focuses on longer-form video content, for videos lasting between 1 and 60 minutes.

Videos are consistently the most engaging type of content on social media, so it's a great tool to utilise for your brand.
IGTV gives everyone the ability to use videos in a different way than before and all in a vertical format. What’s great is that creating content for IGTV doesn’t have to be fancy - the low-fi focus of the platform means that there's a lower barrier of entry.
IGTV could be a place where your business hosts interviews, webinars, showcases products or demonstrates features.
Why not check out IGTV and think about ways it could work for your brand. To upload a video of your own, tap the '+' (Create) button to open up the main menu. From there, you can then upload one of your saved videos, as long as it's more than 60 seconds long. The maximum length video you can upload from your phone is 15 minutes; anything longer than that (up to the maximum time of 60 minutes) can be uploaded via Instagram's web version. You can choose whether to host a preview of the video in your feed, or whether to post solely to your IGTV channel. You also have the option of selecting automatically generated subtitles for your video.

You’ll find IGTV in the 'Discover' tab by tapping the 'IGTV' button. This is where IGTV channels live, and where you’ll be able to watch content from people you follow, discover new videos. Once you've made some videos of your own, you can access them via your own grid (look for the IGTV 'TV' symbol), see your channel and upload your own IGTV videos.

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