Sometimes you may wonder why you’re spending time on social media and if it’s worth your time when you’re running a busy business. 

Smart Insights recently found that more than half of companies that use social media marketing find that it increases revenue and sales.

If your social media marketing is on brand, using appropriate channels, consistent and targeting your ideal audience your efforts will reap rewards for your business.

Whilst helping your business boost sales, social media also allows you to have a conversation with your consumers. This allows you to gather valuable feedback about your business and products.

Remember to simply ask your customers what they think about your latest stock by posting a picture to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and asking your customers a question such as ‘Do you think this is a great colour?’ 

Remember to use #WDYT in your post and we’ll reshare it across our network of savvy shoppers. 

For more useful tips, see Time to show off your products on Instagram and Five benefits of using social media.

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