Testing what content performs best for you enables you to understand what works well. Testing is important because people will react differently to a post depending on the messaging or image used, so you want to understand what they respond more positively to, so you can do more of it.

Here’s a simple tip that lots of larger companies take advantage of, but not many small businesses actually do - A/B testing. This is switching one element in a post to see which option works best.

Try different messaging about the same product or service, so you can see which ones resonate with your customers best. For example, try posting a tweet featuring a link to an item and then post a link to the same item but switch up the messaging in the tweet and monitor them to see which tweet performs the best. Do the same on your other feeds.

Try posting about the same product but using different images, or maybe one with a video. For example, you could use the same messaging in two posts, but one includes an image of the product and one has a video of you showing how to use the product, to see which post performs best.

Test your images, test your words, test your call to actions. They’re all key areas of your posts that your audience will respond to.

Keep a log of what works well, so you can regularly include this approach in your social media content. And have fun with it!

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