There are over 600 million active users on Instagram which makes the platform a huge opportunity to showcase your business and gain new customers. 

This infographic from SocialMediaToday includes some eye-opening stats on why Instagram is a great tool for promoting your business. 

Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of Instagram:

  1. Add detailed descriptions to your posts - an interesting caption puts your photo into context. 

  2. Put a link in your profile - Instagram doesn’t allow URLs in photo captions, but you can put one in your profile. Add a relevant link to your website or most recent campaign to your bio. 

  3. Show ‘behind the scenes’ on stories - your followers will love seeing what goes on in your business such as unpacking new products or designing the window display. 

  4. Add hashtags to your caption - a great way to for your posts to appear in searches.

  5. Utilise Instagram stories - a quick and easy way to share content.

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