Your Engagement Report  identifies activities that are designed to increase your audience and your engagement, both of which will help you improve your results. 

Your activities are posts that have been identified as important to your organisation that we feel you should be engaging with. These activities are taken from all of the conversations you’re listening to.

They are prioritised as, Your Ads, Your Posts, Social Inbox, Engage, and Monitor. 

Your Content is the content you are posting on your accounts. This allows you to track their engagement across all platforms from one place. Click on "Comments" to reply to comments and "Reply" to reply directly to Twitter posts. 

Your Social Inbox are the posts identified as most important to your organisation. You should engage with these everyday.

Your Engage posts are additional posts that can help grow your audience and increase your engagement if you engage with them. 

Your Listen posts are for conversations you wish to be aware of, but perhaps not engage with. This could be conversations around your competitors etc. 

If the content of the post isn’t on the mark, press the three dots to help our AI bot learn. The more feedback you can offer, the stronger your activities will become. 

To add more conversations to your account, search for them in the search bar at the top of your page and request to have them added to your account. We will let you know when they have been added. 

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