Your Organisation Index is assigned based on your audience size and your frequency of posting compared against other organisations in your relevant index or indices. This enables you to benchmark your performance against other organisations.

Your rank is compared to over 50,000 other organisations with 160,000 business locations. It is broken down by location or as a custom index. If you are located in numerous towns or cities you are included in numerous indices.

If you are online only, you are ranked in the online index which compares your performance against other online organisations.

From the Organisation report, you can filter by date or search for a specific organisation. 

If you want to listen to the conversations around a specific organisation, you can add the conversation to your account right from the Organisation report. 

This report also allows you to see how an organisation's rank and audience size has changed over time. Please note, the numbers showing are according to the dates you’ve selected at the top of the report.

From each organisation, you can click through to their social accounts or website.

To increase your rank you need to engage with more people online. The best way to do this is by completing your daily activities.

Check out your Activity Report for today.    

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