Your Location Rank is your town or city’s Social Media Rank as compared against over 1,300 other UK towns and cities. 

The Rank is assigned based on the cumulative audience and frequency of posting of all organisations in each town or city. 

The Report also shows the percentage of organisations in any location that has social media accounts and the percentage of those that are active on social media. “Active” is defined as an account that has posted something in the past seven days. 

The audience size is the cumulative social media audience from all organisations in any location that have social media accounts. 

From the Location Rank report, you can benchmark performance by filtering by date or search for specific towns or organisations to see how they compare or how results have changed over time.  

To increase your town or city’s Location Rank you can contribute by growing your own audience by posting more frequently and engaging with more content. The best way to do this is by completing your daily activities. 

Here is your Activity Report for today.

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