Your See What Works Graph helps you spot the content with the most engagement. 

Within any conversation you're listening to you can see which posts drive the most engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc) and which content is best to avoid.

In this report, the dark pink is the number of posts. The light pink is the engagement with those posts (ie: someone liking, commenting, sharing, reacting, etc). 

Successful posts as the ones that see the most engagement. Look for peaks where the light pink is higher than the dark pink.

Click through to see the content behind the peaks and build on these successes. If the conversation you’re exploring relates to a competitor or an influencer, learn from their success and adapt your own social posts to include successful hashtags, topics, themes, and photos/video content.

If the conversation is about your own brand, post more of what people are engaging with and less of what people are not - this is when the dark pink (the number of posts) is higher than the light pink (the engagement). Click through and learn from the content that isn’t working.

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