We define a conversation as any subject that people are talking about online. It could be restaurants in Cheltenham, Topshop, luxury shoe boutiques in London, Manchester United, hotels in Edinburgh, or family events in the Isles of Scilly. 

Whatever topics affect your organisation, you can listen to and engage with them online.

To add a conversation, use the search bar at the top of any page within your Maybe* account.

Type the conversation you'd like to listen to and press enter or search. Select the '+' button and then decide whether you want to 'Engage' or 'Monitor' the conversation and also organise it into a group if you would like. Click 'Add' and the Maybe* platform will start to gather that conversation from across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See a short video showing you how to add a conversation here:

You can manage your conversations from your Conversation manager.

Every day, your Engagement page highlights the key pieces of content from the conversations you’re listening to. Your Social inbox will highlight who is talking about you, your Engage tab will show you content that you should be liking, sharing or commenting on and your Monitor tab will show you content to keep your eye on and your Recommended tab will suggest new conversations to add based on who is talking about you online.

You can listen to conversations about your organisation, about key influencers, and even about your competition. If it matters to your organisation, the Maybe* platform can help you learn more.

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