Here’s how to make sure you always have content to action:

  1. Add more conversations. The more you’re listening to, the more content there will be to engage with. To add a new conversation, enter the subject into the search bar at the top of your Dashboard

2. Visit your Who’s got influence graph. Make sure you’re following the accounts that are most influential in the conversations that are relevant to your organisation. Engage with their content to encourage them to engage with yours. 

3. Explore your What’s being said graph. Post more content using popular topics as inspiration and as hashtags. For extra effort, tag in a relevant influencer. 

4. Engage more. The more you like, comment on, or share other people's content, the more likely they are to do the same for you. This means working hard to engage with as much of your social inbox as possible every day.  

5. Have fun. Don’t just like someone’s post when you could comment on it and build a connection. The more you converse with other people, the more likely they will be to converse (and have fun) with you. 

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