In order for the Maybe* platform to deliver accurate insights and activities that will help you see results, you need to connect your social media accounts.

By connecting your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you will improve the quality of and number of activities recommended to you daily. These activities are what help you reach your goals faster. 

As well, by connecting your social media accounts, the reports in the Maybe* platform will be able to be populated with insights specific to your content and to your audience. 

When you connect your social media accounts you can engage with your audience directly from the Maybe* platform. This means you can like, follow, comment on, schedule, and share posts without having to visit each platform separately.

To check if your social accounts are connected to Maybe*, visit your Dashboard

If the social icons below Engagement are grey, this means that they are not connected. Select each icon and you'll be prompted on how to connect that account.

When your accounts are connected you will be able to see back 30 day's worth of data for 'What's Being Said About You' and 'What You Are Saying' or 'Your Content' and when people mention you.

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