Social media is about two things: posting content and engaging with content. Getting the balance right is the key to success.

Many organisations get so caught up in creating new content they miss the silver bullet of engaging with existing content.

The Maybe* platform helps organisations like yours engage with content that is important to your audience. This includes conversations and posts about your brand, your products or services, your campaigns or any other conversations you're listening to or a part of. 

In addition to what content to engage with, the Maybe* platform also helps you understand what to post. 

Your Insight Reports show you what types of content your audience engages with most. This is content you should replicate and learn from. Use your How They Feel Report and your See What Works Report for this information.

If you are struggling with what to post the most effective post is simply taking a picture of your product, your store, your event, your campaign (whatever it may be) and share it on social media. A simple "What do you think of this" will start a conversation with your audience. For extra engagement, tag in the people who have influence in the conversations you're listening to or tag in your most frequent customers or supporters. 

Happy posting. 

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