Once you have created a chatbot, the next step is to create a Google sheet so that the responses to your bot will display in the Maybe* platform. This will allow you to download reports of the data and to share any relevant content on your social feeds. 

In order to start this process, three key pieces must be setup within ManyChat:

  1. A ManyChat pro account.

  2. Google sheet integration with ManyChat.

  3. Collected chat responses into a Google sheet.

If any of the above three steps have not yet been completed, see ManyChat help.

If you have already setup a Google sheet integration within ManyChat and collected the answers to your Messenger questions via a google sheet (these answers could be in the form of free text responses or clicks on quick reply buttons), then the following instructions explain how you can then add this data to the Maybe* platform.

To connect your chatbot results

  1. First, connect your Google sheet account to Maybe* by clicking the ‘Connect Google Sheet’ button on our integrations page under the Settings dropdown menu on Maybe*. Or within Chatbot manager. 

  2. Choose an account and ‘Allow’ maybetech.com to access your Google Account. 

  3. Within Chatbot manager you will see it now says Google Sheets connected, and next to it says ‘Add conversation’.

  4. Click ‘Add conversation’. 

  5. A pop up will open for you to add a conversation - first give the conversation a name e.g. Chat responses from customers. 

  6. Then select the spreadsheet that contains the data from the drop down list.

  7. Next, select the correct worksheet (tab) that contains the data.

  8. You will now see a breakdown of data held in the Google sheet with the names of the columns in your worksheet on the left hand side. These are the data fields you have collected in ManyChat. 

  9. Now go through each field matching it to the drop down list on the right hand side e.g. First Name = First Name 

  10. As you work through the data you will see you have options such as pie charts, bar graphs simply select the graph you think will represent the data you have collected best e.g. a gender graph might work best as a pie chart and an age graph might work best as a bar chart.

  11. Where the data in the Google sheet is free text in the form of the user responding to an open ended question, select the ‘Comment’ field from the drop down list. This will then pull the comment data into the Maybe* platform and the sentiment of each comment. 

  12. If you asked the end user if they would be happy to share their comments and recorded that as a ‘Tag’ within the Google sheet, then select the field ‘Happy to Share’ from the drop down. If not, just ignore this field. To find out more about sharing users positive content and why it's a great idea to do so see are article here LINK to new article. 

  13. If you have added a date to the Google sheet as to when the data was captured, then select the appropriate date format from the drop down.

  14. The share URL feature is a powerful tool that will allow you to attach a URL to the comments that users have said YES they are happy to have shared. These comments could be rave reviews about your product, service or place and the URL associated with these comments could be a link to website, product or even back to the social post that drove the initial engagement allowing you to grow your audience further.

  15. Finally click ‘Save’ and that conversation data will be added to the Maybe* platform.

To view your chatbot results

  1. Once you add your chat responses to Maybe* they will be updated as the Google sheet is updated.

  2. To view the responses in Maybe* go to the ‘Results’ drop down menu and select ‘Chatbot report’ . 

  3. Once on the ‘Chatbot report’ page you simply select the conversation you have added from the drop down and the data will be presented to you.

  4. Note Comment data can take a few minutes to populate on the results page.

  5. Results are updated either upon refresh or over time automatically.

  6. As you review the data you will see you can download each graph for your own reporting, share each graph on Twitter and Facebook.

  7. To ADD a new Google sheet conversation just click on ‘Add conversation’ at the bottom of the drop down and repeat steps above.

  8. To manage which conversations you see on this page simply go to ‘Results’ and click on ‘Conversation report’  and tick and untick the chatbot conversations you want displayed.

  9. If when reviewing the data the graphs don't look quite right to you or you wished you had selected a pie graph and not a bar graph, simply return to Chatbot manager page, scroll down to ‘Chatbot conversations,’ find the one you wish to edit and click ‘Edit’ next to the title. 

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