Working with Ovarian Cancer Canada, a cause close to our hearts, Maybe* made highly effective use of chatbots to grow an extremely engaged Facebook community in order to drive a request for funding. As a result of these combined efforts, the charity later received a $10million investment from the Canadian Government. This is their story.

In March 2019, the Canadian Government announced $10million for Ovarian Cancer Canada to invest in research for ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is the most deadly female cancer, with 55% of women diagnosed not living past five years.

For years, Ovarian Cancer Canada has tirelessly campaigned for much-needed investment into ovarian cancer. Recently, our CXO Erin Barrett - herself an ovarian cancer survivor - joined the Ovarian Cancer Canada board and Maybe* joined the campaign, pushing for the $10milllion investment.

“Working with Ovarian Cancer Canada is so important to me. Not just for me as a survivor, but for my daughter, for the mums who weren’t as lucky as I have been, and for their children.

Maybe* has created a new communication and donation channel in the charity space. We’re ready to blow the doors off of fundraising and advocacy as you know it. This is just one small example. Get ready, and hold onto your hat.”

Erin Barrett, CXO at Maybe*

The campaign

Beginning in January 2017, women living with ovarian cancer, their loved ones and advocates sent letters to federal elected representatives across Canada. These letters urged the government to invest millions in research of ovarian cancer to help save lives.

In the final push to the budget announcement, and to increase the number of letters sent, we worked with Ovarian Cancer Canada to increase awareness over Facebook and to grow a highly responsive Facebook community. We built a chatbot encouraging people to send pre-written letters to their elected representative asking for the $10million investment right from the chatbot, removing the need to visit another website, increasing engagement.

On International Women’s Day, we asked people to commit their support through a comment on a Facebook post. Each comment fired the chatbot through Messenger.

Comment on the post to see the chatbot in action.

The results

  • The Facebook post saw 522 reactions, 428 comments, and 262 shares.

  • The Ovarian Cancer Canada opted-in Facebook audience grew by 198%.

  • The ROI on each contact was 270% better than forecast.

  • And the ROI per letter sent was 227% better than forecast.

  • Both sentiment and engagement increased overall.

The Audience Growth Report in Maybe*.  Log in to see your audience summary

The day of the post and the surrounding days saw peaks in engagement and positive sentiment for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

The See What Works Report in Maybe*. What works for your audience?

A thank-you

The power of each letter sent can’t be underestimated. In the words of Ovarian Cancer Canada’s CEO, Elizabeth Baugh:

“ didn’t just speak and advocate for you. You spoke for and in honour of women who couldn’t speak themselves because the disease claimed their lives far too soon. You spoke for, and sometimes alongside, all the people who are painfully impacted by ovarian cancer when a woman loses her life to this disease: Her partner, her children, her parents or other family members, her friends and neighbours, and her closest colleagues.  You spoke also for the girls and women who are at risk of diagnosis with this disease in future.”

To keep up with the latest ovarian cancer news and to try out the Ovarian Cancer Canada chatbot, just comment on this Facebook post.

Thank you.

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